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Welcome to Cub Scout Pack 943 in Pleasanton, CA!!

The things you learn in Scouting stay with you long after you've outgrown the uniform...Things like being a leader, making good decisions, taking personal responsibility, providing service to others, and caring about your community.

So, no matter what you decide to do in life, Scouting gives you the skills and self-confidence you need to be the best you can be - today and for the rest of your life.

Once a Scout...Always a Scout!

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What Pack 943's Website is all About

Pack 943 built this website to help current, new and future families in our Pack stay informed in their Cub Scouting experience with us!

Design and Layout:
Our Pack 943 website is split into two sites. One is the PUBLIC SITE webpages and the other is the PRIVATE SITE webpages. We will store general information in the PUBLIC SITE and photos and events on the PRIVATE SITE.  To get access to the PRIVATE SITE you will need to be a current member of Pack 943 and get a login ID and password from the Pack's Webmaster. Just click on the "Contact our Pack" link at the top center of this site to contact the Pack Webmaster.

Website Philosophy:
We purposely created this website to contain static (non-changing) general Cub Scouting information. This reduces the amount of time our volunteer Pack Webmaster has to maintain this website. Only Cub Scouting information that is unique or necessary to "new parents" in Cub Scout Pack 943 is typed out on this website. All other general scouting information is linked to sites like the official BSA's (Boy Scouts of America) websites. Also, our Pack 943’s Photo Gallery on the PRIVATE SITE side will have Pack pictures updates added by our Photographers. Furthermore, any personal family pictures should only be on the PRIVATE SITE side, which requires a login and is not for the general public to view. Current and new Pack 943 Webmasters should keep these philosophies in mind when maintaining this website in the future.

Information in this Website:
This PUBLIC SITE webpages has general information about Pack 943, Cub Scouting and how to join Pack 943. The PRIVATE SITE webpages has Pack Leadership and Chair information on how to run our Pack. The PRIVATE SITE webpages also contain our ongoing Pack 943's Photo Gallery. 

Information NOT in this Website:
Current Pack 943’s families need to log into Scoutbook's website to get all the specific and up-to-date Pack information. New families wanting to join Pack 943 will need to sign up. Parents will then be given access to both this website PRIVATE SITE side and Scoutbook. All private family information on Scoutbook should NOT be duplicated here on this general Pack 943's ScoutLander website; neither on the PUBLIC SITE webpages nor the PRIVATE SITE webpages. Pack 943 uses Scoutbook exclusively for the below specific information, records and actions:
  • Listing of all our Pack's events and activities in Scoutbook's "Calendar"
  • Send messages to leaders Scout, and Parents
  • Leaders can create automated mass emails to all Den and Pack families
  • Den Leaders can track a Scout's achievements, belt loops, and pins in Scoutbook
  • All other Pack management needs for the Scout's advancements to next Cub Scout Rank
  • Parents can view their scout son's membership and advancement record