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Cub Scout Pack 1
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Cub Scouts 101

Cub Scouts is open to boys and girls in the Kindergarten through 5th grades.  A Cub Scout "Pack" is made up of at least 5 "Dens", smaller grade specific groups.  Although it may fluctuate from year to year, the size of a typical Pack 1 Den is between 6-12+ boys and girls.
  • Lion (Kindergarten)
  • Tigers (1st Grade)
  • Wolf (2nd Grade)
  • Bear (3rd Grade)
  • WEBELOS I (4th Grade)
  • WEBELOS II (5th Grade)
Administration of the the Pack and Dens are by volunteer parents.  At the Pack level the group is administered by a Pack Committee, consisting of a Cubmaster, Asst. Cubmaster, Treasurer, Registrar, Den Leaders and other positions deemed essential to its operation and size.  At the Den level the group is lead by an aptly named "Den Leader".  Pack and Den meetings are each held once per month at different times and are typically 1 hour long.

All new scouts entering the Pack must first earn their "Bobcat Badge" which introduced the basic tenants of the Cub Scouting Program including the Cub Scout Law, Oath, Promise, Salute and Sign.  From there, Cubs go on to earn their grade or Den specific ranks.  This rank path culminates with the "Arrow of Light" sending each scout off on their way as they "Cross Over" to Scouts BSA.