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"There is an exciting new Scouting program called “Lion” for Kindergarten-aged boys that will be available...for select councils this fall. But it’s not a program that changes any of the current ranks and organization of other Scouting programs. It’s unique as it reaches out to a slightly younger group of boys.Research shows that childhood development accelerates around ages 4 and 5, about the time youth begin formal education. That’s where Scouting comes in. Like many of the BSA’s programs which supplement the learning and growth boys experience at home and in an educational environment at that age, the Boy Scouts of America has developed this pilot program for 5-year-old Kindergarten boys.

The Lion program weaves traditional Scouting concepts of character development, leadership skills, personal fitness and citizenship into activities that are age-appropriate and fun for the boys and their parents. The activities introduce the family to Scouting activities and principles, and provide an exciting way for the little guys to explore the world around them. The program will fuel their imagination, creativity and fun as they experience the growth Scouting can provide. At the end of the Lion year, they “graduate” to Tiger, and advance through Cub Scouting."

General Information on the LIONS program:
Contact Claudia Maiorana (401) 338-9919 for more information about Nayatt Pack 1's Lion Program.

Lion Den Mtg - Tues 1/22 5:30 King of the Jungle, Marissa to lead
Lion Den Mtg - Tues 2/26 5:30 Mountain Lion, Gregg to lead
Pack Mtg - Tues 3/12 6:30, earned belt loops presented
Lion Den Mtg - Tues 3/26 5:30 I'll do it myself, Brenda to lead
Lion Den Mtg - Tues 4/23 5:30 On your mark, Peter to lead
Lion Den Mtg - Tues 5/28 5:30, Pick my path, Claudia to lead

Other Notable Dates
Nayatt Clean up Thurs 3/31 4p @ Nayatt
Memorial Day Parade Mon 5/27 8:30a start @ BHS
Blue & Gold Dinner/Cross Over Tues 6/2 4:30-7p @ Nayatt