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January: Winter Camping at Camp Fife

16 scouts and 7 adults went to Camp Fife and had a blast!

We stayed in the "cozy" Curtis Gilbert cabin that had propane lighting and a wood burning stove.  The cabin also had bunk beds, a full kitchen and working toilets.

Activities include:
  • Snowball fights
  • Sledding/Tubing
  • Snowman making
  • Snow Cave making
  • Board Games
  • Card Games
Four wheel drive vehicles were a must because we received approximately 18" of snow during our stay there.

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March: Tree Planting at Parish of the Holy Spirit

Wow, was it cold!

The temperature was a brisk 28 degrees which helped "motivate" the scouts.

We were able to get four trees planted in one hour.


April/May: Fishing at Rainbow Lake

A great time at Rainbow Lake!  Weather was nice, fishing great (those first year scouts were Catching them left and right) - and a great campfire program put on by Kirten!

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June/July: Summer Camp

Camp Meriwether


June: Crabbing Trip

September: Caving Trip