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Bobcat Badge

The Bobcat Badge is the first badge that a boy earns in cub scouts. In order to receive this badge, the boy learns the 'basics' of the Cub Scout program.

Your Guide to Becoming a Bobcat!

Here are some quick tips to get you son get started on the Bobcat Trail, to earn his Bobcat Badge.

Cub Scout Motto: DO YOUR BEST

Cub Scout Promise                               Law of the Pack

I promise to do my best                                         The Cub Scout follows Akela.

To do my duty to God and my Country,                 The Cub Scout helps the pack go.

To help other people, and                                      The pack helps the Cub Scout grow. 

To obey the Law of the Pack.                                The Cub Scout gives goodwill.

The Cub Scout Sign

is made with the right arm held high and straight up above the should, with the index and middle fingers forming a V.
The other fingers are held with the thumb. The two extended fingers stand for the parts of the Cub Scout Promise, “to
help other people” and “to obey.” they also stand for the two alert ears of a wolf. This is the sign of Cub Scouts all
over the world.

The handshake 

is done by putting the index and middle fingers of the right hand against the  ther person’s wrist when shaking hands.
Cub Scouts and Cub Scout leaders use this handshake everywhere in the United States. The handshake signifies that
those who use it help others and obey the Law of the Pack.

The salute

is made by joining the index and middle fingers of the right hand (holding the other

fingers with the thumb) and touching the extended fingers to the cap visor or forehead. The hand is

held the same as for the Cub Scout sign, except the two fingers are together.

The Cub Scout salute is used to salute the flag when in uniform and to show respect to den and pack

leaders. It can be sued when greeting other Cub Scouts.