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We Need Your Help

Yes, I am talking to you.....the one reading this message.

Parental involvement is the key to a successful Cub Scout program.

What does it take to be a volunteer?  A long, rich background in Scouting?  NO!  What is needed is a desire to work with and help young people, a willingness to make time in your weekly schedule and the rest is easy!  Lots of resources and training are available and many people will support your efforts.

We realize that people have busy lives and busy schedules.  So do the Cubmaster, Assistant Cubmaster, Pack Committee Chair and the Den Leaders that volunteer many hours of their time not only for their son's benefit, but yours as well.  All we ask in return is that you help us out.  This can be in a activity that requires a few hours a year, a month or a week.  If you want to partner up with another parent to tackle a job, great!  Our Pack will not be successful if only a few people do the work.  Since our Pack is so large our need is greater than ever.  Please find a way to sign-up to help, or we will come looking for your assistance.

We expect that at least one parent assist with 1 Den Event and 1 Pack Event during the year.  You will find a listing of our Positions in the document below.  There is also a guide, "Parent Volunteer Points" that will provide some guidance as to your involvement.

I have had a number of people already express interest in our open positions and I would like to thank all that have contacted me.  At this time we are looking fill the following positions as soon as possible:

Assistant Cubmaster - we need help running the Pack.  We would like someone that will gradually learn the role and take on more responsibility over time.
Pack Program Chairperson - coordinates all of the coordinators.  Makes sure we have volunteers for each role.  Answers questions from coordinators and assist as necessary.
Cub Camping Coordinator - The Pack has a fall and spring campout and attends summer camp every year. This person is responsible for the coordination of these trips.
Popcorn Kernal - Oversees the Popcorn Fundraiser.  Coordinates the other Popcorn Coordinators as well as the Den Popcorn Kernals.  Promotes the Fundraiser.
Popcorn Take Order Delivery - Coordinates pickup of the Popcorn, sorts product by Den (with help) and ensures Den Kernals pickup their order.
Big Trip Coordinator - assist with this year's Big Trip to learn the job and possibly take over or assist again next year.

For more details on these positions and others, please see the Pack 122 Volunteer Position Description document below.  If you see anything you might be interested in or want more information on, please contact Kurt Johnson, or Peter Kawa,


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