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Any boy may earn Bear achievements and electives if he is in the third grade, or is nine years old. If a Bear-aged boy is new to Cub Scouting, he must complete the Bobcat trail before beginning work on the Bear achievements.

To earn the Bear badge, a boy must complete 12 of the 24 specified achievements listed below. He can select the ones he wants to do from four different groups: God, Country, Family, and Self. The Progress Towards Ranks badge is available as an incentive during the Bear program to encourage a Cub on his achievement work. Details regarding the completion of the achievements and associated electives can be found in the BSA Bear Cub Scout Book.

To earn the Bear Badge, a Cub Scout must complete 12 achievements out of a possible 24 that are offered in the book. The achievements are grouped in 4 major areas, GOD, COUNTRY, FAMILY, and SELF. Within each group, a required number of achievements must be completed, as indicated below. Also, any achievements that they do NOT use to earn the Bear Badge may be used to earn Arrow Points.

(Note that these achievements, as were the Wolf activities, are primarily done at home and signed off by an adult family member after the boy has completed each one. The book is then shown to the Den Leader who records the progress and also signs the boy's book.)

The Bear Achievements are as follows, page number references to the Bear Book are in parenthesis.

If the Cub Scout has not previously earned the Bobcat Badge, it must be earned first.


  • GOD (Do ONE of the following)
    1. Ways We Worship
    2. Emblems of Faith
  • COUNTRY (Do THREE of the following)
    1. What Makes America Special?
    2. Tall Tales
    3. Sharing Your World With Wildlife
    4. Take Care of Your Planet
    5. Law Enforcement is a Big Job
  • FAMILY (Do FOUR of the following)
    1. The Past is Exciting and Important
    2. What's Cooking?
    3. Family Fun
    4. Be ready!
    5. Family Outdoor Adventure
    6. Saving Well, Spending Well
  • SELF (Do FOUR of the following)
    1. Ride Right
    2. Games, Games, Games!
    3. Building Muscles
    4. Information Please
    5. Jot it Down
    6. Shavings and Chips
    7. Sawdust and Nails
    8. Build a Model
    9. Tying it All Up
    10. Sports, Sports, Sports
    11. Be a Leader

When a boy finishes an achievement, he will need to have an adult member of his family sign and date his book. He will then take the book to the next den meeting and his den leader will record it on the Cub Scout (Den) Advancement Chart and initial his book. When he has done 12 Bear achievements, he becomes a Bear Cub Scout. A boy may count any extra achievement requirements he earns as arrow point credits.

Boys can also begin working on their Academics and Sports Belt Loops and Pins at this time. Boys will also earn patches for participation in special events such as Day Camp or Pack Overnighters.